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1746 Almanac.png

A lovely copy in green vellum covers, stamped with the arms of Amsterdam

IMG_3722 2.jpg

An annotated copy of the first textbook on differential calculus, with a dozen pages of annotations and corrections by a skilled mathematician, written in a neat legible hand.

Dis Manibus slipcase

Edition of 13 signed & numbered copies. 28 x 37 cm (slipcase); 25 x 36 cm (book). 26 leaves. Begun in Rome (Italy), 2018; Helsinki (Finland); and Weimar (Germany), completed November 2020.

La Pierre Rosette

The Rosetta Stone for Mutel’s Poetics of Acid Etching.


Melencholia II, III, IV (2021)


Didier Mutel Nicolas Bardey

Book Artist:

Atelier Didier Mutel

Melencholia II, III, IV (2021) by Didier Mutel and Nicolas Bardey, is a collaborative response to Melencholia I (1514), a copperplate engraving by the German artist Albrecht Dürer, which they present here in a series that combines engraving and serigraphy.


A controversial pamphlet by Voltaire's first biographer in contemporary cartonnage.


Rhythmus le Rouge


Marcel Moreau Tatjana Bergelt

Book Artist:

Tatjana Bergelt

Lithography printed on Japanese paper: a collaboration between Tatjana Bergelt and Belgian writer Marcel Moreau.

Petrarch in paste paper binding

Rime di mess. Francesco Petrarca


Francesco Petrarch

Petrarch’s Masterpiece in a charming paste-paper binding

Screen Shot 2021-08-25 at 4.09.36 PM.png

The Birds of Acid


Didier Mutel

Book Artist:

Atelier Didier Mutel

The Birds of Acid is a response to John J. Audubon’s extraordinary Birds of America. In this work Didier Mutel reinterprets, in his own way, this monument in the history of engraving and printmaking.


The traveller's guide being a collection of useful dialogues in six languages. After the “Manuel du voyageur” by Madame de Genlis