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55 Hand engraved plates by Didier Mutel

My way I plate1

My Way I


Didier Mutel

Book Artist:

Atelier Didier Mutel

“My Way is the generic title given to the first Acide Brut Action.” -the artist.

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To the Barricades! A civilian’s unique firsthand account of the liberation of Paris, 1944

La Pierre Rosette

The Rosetta Stone for Mutel’s Poetics of Acid Etching.

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Two Influential Legal texts of the late 16th century (1595-1600), bound in one volume

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184 entries of celebrated figures, a description of Giovio’s famous Museo with 60 woodcut portraits

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THE LIBRARY OF THE BARONNE ISABELLE DE MONTOLIEU, spanning 1718-1826, is a remarkable collection documenting of one of the most prolific writer-translators of the late 18th / early 19th centuries


The Birds of Acid


Didier Mutel

Book Artist:

Atelier Didier Mutel

The Birds of Acid is a response to John J. Audubon’s extraordinary Birds of America. In this work Didier Mutel reinterprets, in his own way, this monument in the history of engraving and printmaking.

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A Female student’s arithmetic primer: learning to calculate commercial business transactions

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A sammelband (1807-26) of exceedingly rare and ephemeral titles honoring: François Joseph Talma (1763-1826): France’s leading dramatic actor of the early 19th cen.: