Le Feste d'Imeneo

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Frugoni, Carlo Innocenzo. Le Feste d'Imeneo, nell'augustissimo sposalizio delle Altezze reali di Giuseppe, arciduca d'Austria ... e della reale infanta donna Isabella di Borbone ... celebrate sul reale teatro di Parma nel settembre dell'anno 1760. [Il Trionfo d'Amore, prologo. Atto d'Iride. Atto di Saffo. Atto di Egle. Aci e Galatea, balletto pantomimico]
Parma: Stamperia Monti, 1760.
Engraved frontispiece by Benigno Bossi after Ennemond Alexandre Petitot. Contemporary red and blue paste paper wrappers.
4°: a10 (±a10) A8 x1 B-F8 G4 [$4 (-a1,2, A2, G3,4, +a5) signed]; [i-iv] v-viii [ix-x] xi-xix [xx], 1-12 [13-14] 15-16 [2] 17-33 [34-36] 37-41 [42] 43-64 [65-66] 67-95 [96-98] 99-104 pp.

The wedding festival book of “the most august marriage” of Joseph, Archduke of Austria, later Joseph II, Holy Roman Emperor (1741-1790), and Isabella Maria, Spanish Infanta and Princess of Parma (1741-1763), held in Parma, Italy in September 1760. The performance includes five acts: Il Trionfo d'Amore, prologo [The Triumph of Love, prologue]; Atto d'Iride [Iris Act]; Atto di Saffo [Sappo Act]. Atto di Egle [Egle Act]; and Aci e Galatea, balletto pantomimico [Acis and Galatea, pantomime ballet].

The work is printed on thick paper with large initials, numerous head and tail pieces, and decorative emblems of appropriate figures, including cherubs, harp-playing angels, a crown, and a phoenix.

The Italian poet and librettist, Carlo Innocenzo Frugoni, 1692-1768, was a leading figure and at one time the poet laureate of Parma, where the wedding took place. Although he traveled and held several posts across Italy, in the 1750-1760s he was based in Parma, a productive period during which he composed a number of works, including the present one. In his introduction the author wrote, “The fortunate and forever memorable circumstances that are the occasion for this performance make us believe that fabulous and varied subjects that bring a bit of wonder would be better suited to the gallantry of a joyous celebration than a tragic poem for whatever great effect it might produce…”

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Feste d'Imeneo