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“Œnological Instruments of Precision,” from the firm of Dujardin-Salleron, c. 1902-1934

La Pierre Rosette

La Pierre Rosette [The Rosetta Stone].


Didier Mutel

Book Artist:

Atelier Mutel

The Rosetta Stone for Mutel’s Poetics of Acid Etching.

IMG_4895 copy

Text and original photographs by Alain Fleischer published at the l’Académie de France, Villa Médicis in Rome. Didier Mutel photoengraved and etched the text with acid on copper plates.

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The program for the Jerusalem Prize, June 1999. DeLillo's acceptance address--signed by the author.


A Significant Manuscript documenting the actions of the French forces in the Americas: Including Chesapeake Bay, Yorktown, and the Battles of the Saintes


Philippe Grandjean’s Romain du Roi typeface, from the original plates


184 entries of celebrated figures, a description of Giovio’s famous Museo with 60 woodcut portraits

Acid Atlas TP.jpg

55 Hand engraved plates by Didier Mutel

My way I plate1

My Way I


Didier Mutel

Book Artist:

Atelier Mutel

“My Way is the generic title given to the first Acide Brut Action.” -the artist.

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Two Influential Legal texts of the late 16th century (1595-1600), bound in one volume