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The Birds of Acid


Didier Mutel

Book Artist:

Atelier Didier Mutel

The Birds of Acid is a response to John J. Audubon’s extraordinary Birds of America. In this work Didier Mutel reinterprets, in his own way, this monument in the history of engraving and printmaking.

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An annotated copy of the first textbook on differential calculus, with a dozen pages of annotations and corrections by a skilled mathematician, written in a neat legible hand.


The first edition of Parent-Duchâtelet’s ground-breaking and influential study: Prostitution in early 19th century Paris: read by Balzac, Dumas, and Sue.

1746 Almanac front cover

A lovely copy in green vellum covers, stamped with the arms of Amsterdam


“Œnological Instruments of Precision,” from the firm of Dujardin-Salleron, c. 1902-1934

Hoym 1550

The only complete surviving Latin Novel; bound in the arms of the renowned bibliophile the Count d’Hoym


A controversial pamphlet by Voltaire's first biographer in contemporary cartonnage.


This nearly comprehensive collection of works by an internationally recognized, provocative social commentator and contemporary humorist speaks to the place of artistic expression and the importance of the freedom of the press in contemporary society.


Melencholia II, III, IV (2021)


Didier Mutel Nicolas Bardey

Book Artist:

Atelier Didier Mutel

Melencholia II, III, IV (2021) by Didier Mutel and Nicolas Bardey, is a collaborative response to Melencholia I (1514), a copperplate engraving by the German artist Albrecht Dürer, which they present here in a series that combines engraving and serigraphy.