Two Catalogs: Salon de peinture et sculpture, 1853 & 1855

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Interleaved and heavily annotated by a contemporary collector

[SALON Exhibition, 1853 & 1855]. Explication des ouvrages de peinture, sculpture, gravure, lithographie et architecture des artistes vivants…

Full description: Salon du Louvre annotated 1853&1855.pdf

2 volumes. (17.5 x 9.5 cm). Uniformly bound, interleaved, and heavily annotated in French (with some Greek and German) by a collector / amateur who visited the salon in both 1853 (1,768 works) and 1855 (5,112 works) and made extensive notes on thousands of art works (mostly paintings), including a desideratum in the 1855 volume. A fascinating and insightful first hand response to the most significant contemporary exhibition of living artists in Europe, illuminated by interpretative annotations. The act of interleaving the two catalogs indicates an annotator with a deep investment in keeping a record of his or her analysis of the paintings; the notes themselves are well organized in a disciplined if spontaneous manner.