Willem: a comprehensive collection of published books

Author: Willem

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Bernhard Willem Holtrop, known as, Willem (b. 1941-). A nearly complete collection of his books, albums, and portfolios. 1966-2018.

115 volumes, various formats, as issued, including 5 books illustrated by Medi Holtrop, to whom Willem is married.


All copies signed by Willem, the award winning author and editorial cartoonist whose caricatures combine sharp-edged wit and a relentless spirit of social critique.

This nearly comprehensive collection of works by an internationally recognized, provocative social commentator and contemporary humorist speaks to the place of artistic expression and the importance of the freedom of the press in contemporary society. The collection gathers nearly all books, albums and portfolios published by Willem since his debut in 1966, each copy signed by the author. Most of the titles were published in a single edition, and thus scarce.

Willem’s mode is ironic and candid, insisting that his readers consider the complexity of today’s debates around religion, politics, and social values. The collection offered here documents one artist’s effort to bring these issues before the public, with provocation, humor, and, inevitably, a bit of a punch. A rare ensemble of works, particularly when signed by the author.